The Manifesto Post: Getting Intentional

My New Year’s posts on Instagram and Facebook were about the two words I’m choosing to focus on in 2016: “uncomfortable” and “intentional.” I explained the “uncomfortable” part in my posts there, but this blog post is about the “intentional” part. Some of you reading this know that I worked in advertising before starting my company. Writing company

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Jessica Swift’s Pattern Camp!

Hi guys, Registration opened today for the January session of Jessica Swift’s 2-day Pattern Camp e-course, and I wanted to talk about it here because it was such a helpful class for me. Pattern Camp was how I learned to make repeat patterns in Photoshop and Illustrator, and I can personally attest to the fact that

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First Quarter of 2015: The Recap Post

Hi guys! It turned out that a lot of you really liked the 2014 recap posts I wrote last January, so I’m bringing them back for 2015, starting with this one. I learned a lesson from last year’s posts, though: I’m starting these 2015 recaps early, because if I don’t, writing them will take over my

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On Living the Dream

Hi guys, At long last, the blog got a facelift! Most importantly, it’s now mobile optimized, so if you’re like me and you basically live your entire life on your phone, it’ll be much easier to read than before. Anyway! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of “living the dream,” and what

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New Empathy Cards™ for November!

Hi guys! As I’ve said here before, I was BLOWN AWAY by the degree to which our Empathy Cards™ resonated with people when we released them in May. Just absolutely floored, and so grateful to be able to make this kind of meaningful contribution to the world using ideas that were once just living in

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On Failure, and Not-Failure

I just finished reading Bréne Brown’s new book, Rising Strong, which is awesome (not surprisingly; she is the best). It’s about the process of taking life’s risks (big and small), falling on your face, and getting back up, so I’ve been thinking about this in my own life more than usual. The past few years,

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Instagram Sale Update & Soldsie Review

Hi guys! A few of you have posted on instagram asking “what happened to the Sunday night sale?” A few weeks ago, we tried doing a new Sunday night IG sale with an app called Soldsie, which our friends at Emily Ley have been using with great success, and we learned a few things. 1. Sunday night

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Empathy Cards, Part Two

Dear friends, Please excuse the extreme delay between my last post, introducing our Empathy Cards, and this one, talking about the insane trip that was the Empathy Cards release. There were about two months there where I felt like I was living in a montage from Bright Lights, Big City. Everything was happening in fast-forward,

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Empathy Cards For Serious Illness

Hi, friends. Today we’re launching something new. They’re called Empathy Cards, and they’re designed to give to people with a serious illness. I’ve been working on the idea for these cards for a long time, and this project is really important to me. Most of us struggle to find the right words in the face of a friend

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